The Texts and Initiations

This time His Holiness chose to discuss a wisdom side of the spiritual path. On the 16th and 17th  of June His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give teachings on the Diamond Sutra, one of the greatest Buddhist texts and on the 18th of June he will grant initiation of Manjushri,  the Buddha of Wisdom.

The Diamond Sutra
The Diamond Sutra (Sanscrit Vajracchedika, lit. «Vajra Cutter») is one of the shortest and most famous sutras on the perfection of wisdom (prajnaparamita). In Mahayana Buddhism spiritual practice is based upon six «perfections» (paramitas). The first five of them ? giving, morality, patience, joyful effort and meditation ? are qualified as «method», while prajnaparamita, perfection of understanding of emptiness, belongs to the wisdom side of spiritual practice. In order to follow spiritual path in a correct manner, method and wisdom must be combined. The Diamond Sutra cutting off all the delusions is a powerful means to realize emptiness, interdependence of all things.

It is the direct realization of emptiness that makes one a Buddha and that is why prajnaparamita is called «Mother of all Buddhas». Spiritual merits coming from venerating, reciting and hearing the Diamond Sutra are considered to be a million times more  significant than such wholesome deeds as construction of numerous stupas filled with Tathagatas’ sacred relics. To get an oral transmission of and a commentary on the Diamond Sutra from such an outstanding spiritual master as His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a very rare opportunity to get a taste of direct realization of emptiness so much needed to achieve Buddhahood.

Manjushree Empowerment, the Buddha of Wisdom
Manjushri is one of the most beloved deity in Tibetan Buddhism. Tradition goes that he is an embodiment of all Buddhas’ wisdom. There are many different forms of Manjushri but all of them contribute to the development of wisdom. The name of Manjushri itself means “soft splendor” indicating splendid soft speech free from harsh words. The practice of Manjushri thus helps to develop eloquence. One of the most famous mantras of Manjushri OM ARAPACHANA DHI is the beginning of an ancient India alphabet (kharoshtha) and the mantra itself according to an oral tradition translates as “a mind leading beings to maturity”.

In Buddhist scriptures Manjushri is called “Father of all Buddhas” because wisdom that he symbolizes is one of the most important factor for the progress on spiritual path.

Manjushree Empowerment received from His Holiness the Dalai Lama will allow a disciple to subsequently train in the related practices and thus develop wisdom of realizing emptiness, or interdependence of all things. Practices of Manjushri will also help to increase one’s intellectual abilities and acquire new knowledge.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama teachings for the Baltic States and Russia have been held in Riga since 2014 and are open to everyone, both Buddhists and those who are simply interested in the Buddhist philosophy that harmoniously combines profound wisdom and limitless compassion.